Capnography Monitor in PACU

Introduction to proposal/ Identify a practice problem (evidence-based) – This section should first include an introduction to the practice problem/ issue and proposed project. The problem must be significant to the degree that changes in practice would have a high probability of adoption. Provide background information and identify why this problem is significant. Be sure to incorporate the specifics as they relate to your individual project proposal. Must be in APA format and include reference listing. Below is the project tocpic. Project Title/ Topic: Capnography Monitor in PACU Practice Issue: • In the PACU setting, patients are at increased risk of respiratory adverse events. This is due to the residual effects of anesthesia, types of surgeries, narcotics administered in PACU and patients’ comorbidities including obesity and obstructive sleep apnea. • Several studies have reported these respiratory adverse events to range from 7.2 to 19 percent. • The most common types of respiratory adverse events that occur after surgery or sedation include hypoventilation, hypoxemia, and airway obstruction. Target Population: all post-anesthesia patients with a history of obstructive sleep apnea. Goal(s)/ Objectives (SMART) for Project: The goal of the project is to institute end-tidal CO2 monitoring by capnography in the PACU as a method of monitoring OSA patients’ respiratory status for early detection and recognition of hypoventilation. Objectives 1. Identify OSA patients using the stop-bang tool or patients’ HP. 2. Increase staff knowledge on the benefit of continuous ETCO2 monitoring, on how to interpret ETCO2, normal and abnormal parameters. 3. Develop and implement a protocol for capnography monitoring for patients with obstructive sleep in PACU.

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