Canadian art visual analysis

 Canadian Art in Context Visual Analysis Exercise Formal Assessment, 10% Due February 14th in class Instructions: Select an artwork of your choice from our visit to the ‘Founding Identities’ floor of the Quebecois and Canadian permanent collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Provide a visual analysis of your chosen work. Your assignment should include: 1) A visual description of the artwork, making reference to its medium, and a brief discussion of any important formal elements that the artist is using (for example, use of composition, artistic technique, color intensity / hue / saturation, texture, size / scale, style, materials, etc. For photography and video works, considerations are largely the same, but for video might include sound, timing, narrative framing, or any other formal elements important to the medium) 2) Identification and brief discussion of your take on the artwork’s primary theme. What is going on in this work? What theme do you think it explores, conveys, argues, narrates, depicts? 3) Critical discussion of the exhibition space on this floor, and the ways in which your chosen artwork fits in – or doesn’t – with the curatorial decisions being made. How does your chosen work engage with the idea of Canada’s ‘Founding Identities’? How is Canadian identity being explored on this floor? Is it successful? Style Guidelines: 2 pages, typed, double-spaced Times New Roman, 12 pt. font Name, Submission Date, Course Name and Number on the front page Provide an image of your chosen artwork if possible (check MMFA website or artist website if you do not have a chance to take one yourself) Title of your chosen artwork with full formal citation: Artist, Title, Date. Medium, Dimensions, Collection, Location (where possible) Example: Leonardo Da Vinci, La Gioconda (Mona Lisa), 1503. Oil on wood panel, 30 x 21 ins. Collection Louvre, Paris. Grading Criteria: * Please note this assessment will be graded out of 20, but is only worth 10% of your overall grade Visual description, making reference to at least 2 formal elements / 5 Identification of the work’s primary theme / 5 Critical discussion of the exhibition space / curatorial themes / 5 Adherence to word count and presentation; clarity of writing and expression, structure / 5

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