Calloway, B.J. (2002). Hildegard Peplau: Psychiatric nurse of the

The purpose of this assignment is to gain a deeper understanding of psychiatric mental health nursing through a reading and writing exercise that examines the historical roots of the specialty as well as the experiences and values of Hildegard Peplau that influenced her work. An appreciation of the foundation of psychiatric mental health nursing, rooted in the value of the therapeutic relationship is important for all of nursing is essential for entering this specialty.

The reader will be given an insight into the personal characteristics of Peplau and the strategies she used to develop this specialty while also encouraging incorporation of its principals into the whole of nursing. The assignment is intended to encourage reflective thinking and ability to analyze and synthesize trends in psychiatric mental health nursing in order to have a model of care that is basic to this specialty. After reading this biography, write a 7 page review that highlights important points and analyzes relevant themes. Discuss your personal reactions to the book and how you think the life and work of Peplau are applicable to psychiatric mental health nursing today. 

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