BUSI 4316 – CHAPTER ASSIGNMENT #2: Read the closing case “Creating the


Adequately answer the following questions, be thorough and complete.

Use separate paragraphs to answer each question and your answer should be very clear which question you are addressing.

Your paper must be at least 3 full pages, not including References page. NO COVER PAGE.

Use the concepts and terminology from chapters 4 and 6 in your paper.

Use your textbook and/or any reputable outside source, but be sure to properly cite (APA style) ALL sources, including your textbook. Minimum of 3 references, not including your textbook. Never use blogs or wiki sites.

Remember that all items in “References” must have at least one citation in your paper, and every citation in your paper must refer to one and only one item in “References.”

Always carefully proofread your paper for errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax.


Read the closing case “Creating the World’s Biggest Free Trade Zone” on pages 188-189, then answer the following questions:


What are the benefits of the proposed TTIP? Why are they considered benefits?

What are the drawbacks associated with the TTIP? Why are they considered drawbacks?

Why did the opposition to NAFTA present decades ago subside? Why has opposition recently resurged?

Relate and explain at least three cultural aspects of this case that could influence the success or failure of the TTIP.

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