Bronfenbrenner TV family

 you have to watch the TV family show or read the book and then answer the questions : 1- The name of Tv show or book , you choose by your own idea 2- Choose a child in that family to evaluate 3- Create Bromfenbrenner’s system for the child selected(Individual, micro, meso, exo, macro, chrono) 1-1 Individual ( 5 points) identify the child’s temperament usind 3 of the 9 Thomas and chess aspects of temperament (do not use easy, slow to warm and difficult) 1-2 Age 1-3 Gender 4- Discuss why it is important to assess the individual and not just the environment. 5- Microsystem – identify and discuss 5 relationship 6- Mesosystem – identify and discuss 5 relationship 7- Exosystem — identify and discuss 1 exosystem and how it affects the child 8- Macrosystem identify and discuss 2 macrosystem and how they are demonstrated by the child 9- Chronosystem – identify and discuss 2 chronosystems and how they have affected the trajectory of the child’s life.

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