Assignment Content You will use the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital (PFCH)

Assignment Content

You will use the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital (PFCH) virtual organization for this assignment, see attachment for Annual Report.
Follow the steps below to access the PFCH 2009 Annual Audit:

  1. Click on Corporate Officers across the top.
  2. Click on Chief Financial Officer in the drop down menu.
  3. Click on Annual Report on the left side of the page.

Complete the Financial Data Analysis Template, see attachment. Note the order of the 2009 and 2008 columns. In excel the pages are tabs at the bottom of the page. This assignment has two work sheets. 

  1. In the third column, calculate the difference by subtracting 2008 data from 2009 data. For instance, with cash, this would be $22,995 – $41,851= -$18,856.
  2. In the fourth column, calculate the percentage change from the 2008 number. For instance, with Net Patient Revenue, 2009 = $459,900 and 2008 =$418,509 providing a $ change (third column) of $41,391. For the % change (fourth column), $41,391 / 418509 = 0.0989 which would be 9.89% (which is 0.0989* 100).
  3. Using the explanations column, explain why the significant changes occurred from one year to the next. This explanation is based on your conceptual understanding of the way specific line items on financial statements work as well as thorough review and research of the PFCH Annual Audit.

Note: The explanations column is not an opportunity to talk about what depreciation is, for example, but rather to discuss why depreciation increased so significantly at PFCH.

Reference for Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Annual Report 2009:

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital (PFCH) Annual Report 2009. (n.d.).

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