Asian American History

Description Write a letter about a topic from the course (What has it meant to be Chinese in North America? How have structural factors, institutions, communities, and individual agents shaped the contours of Chinese American life? Does the dead hand of history still influence Chinese American lives today? How do Chinese Americans and Chinese immigrants fit into the putatively multicultural United States and how have their migrations shaped public policies and attitudes on race? This course explores these, and other, questions through lectures, readings, class discussions, and a variety of assignments. At the end of the course successful students will appreciate the ways that legal, cultural, economic, and political structures have shaped and been shaped by Chinese in North America.). So far, that interests you and that you think is important. It can be a letter to your family or friends telling them about this thing that you learned. It can be a letter to a high school teacher or textbook company arguing that this is a thing they need to include in their lessons / textbooks. Or, it can be a letter to a member of government telling them about the thing and encouraging them to take some action.

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