Americanization of ballet

 Follow the instructions below for the three sections consisting of one posting and one response. (see attached files for instruction and sources) the paper should be 3 parts. 1. Ethnic Forms** Write a brief statement discussing ballet as an ethnic form (a folk dance). Explain, in your opinion and from your experience, which of the above statements you agree with (DeMille or La Meri) and why using the course resources to strengthen your argument. 2. American Themes*** Briefly explain what makes or does not make ballet “American.” Briefly describe “Americanized” ballet, describing changes in technique or adoption of an American “theme”. Provide a choreographic example from the Resources, listing the title of the choreographic work, what American theme it showcases, and how, in your opinion, this theme is illustrated through the form, technique or structure of the dance movement. 3. Response Respond to another student’s posting . In your reply, explain: what do you agree with and what questions are raised? Why or why not? Does something need more clarity? Have you had different or similar experiences?

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