Acceptance Vs. Denial

Description Write a 5-6 page researched literary analysis (1400-1800 wds) that centers upon and supports the claim you make in your thesis. You should have a strong, focused, and debatable thesis statement that appears at the end of the first paragraph of your essay, and what follows in the body paragraphs should elaborate upon and support that thesis statement. You must use evidence from the text to support your points. You must also use the GMC databases to assemble outside research from credible sources to support your argument, use that research throughout your paper, and cite that research in a list of works cited. Do not use Wikipedia or anything you found on the internet as a source. The paper must follow MLA style. • The text is double-spaced. • The font is 12 point Times New Roman. • The page setup is one-inch margins on top, bottom, left and right.

#Acceptance #Denial

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