Abu Sayaaf Group

The following is a very rough outline, Introduction Initially an organization created in religious extremism ideology. The Abu Sayyaf group transformed from a politically motivated and religiously based organization to a common band of criminals. Faulty recruiting tactics and filling its garrison with impoverished Muslims, the Abu Sayyaf group became ineffective due to poor leadership and insurrection of a corrupt support base. Origins Goals Actions of the group Responses to the group’s actions Current state of group Hypothesized future of the organization Conclusion Due to the loss of its founding leader Abdurajak Abubakar Janjalani prior to its amalgamation, Abu Sayyaf’s leadership which replaced Janjalani was ultimately the cause of its degradation. Eventually creating an organization mainly run by psychopathic criminals with the only intent of making money in any way that can be concocted. This paper will identify the origins and history of the organization and display the transformation it took over time. During this explanation a relation to JI and other terrorist organizations will be analyzed. Focusing on different groups who support them (openly or not) by identifying who is funding them. Feel free to restructure as you like. Please cover the entire course of the group through its beginning up until the death of Isnilon Hapilon. Please use some references from “The Terrorism Lectures, 2nd edition by James F. Forest. Noatia Press, 2015”

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