AAuthorWho created the source What do you know about the author What is the authors point of viewPPlaceWhere when was

AAuthorWho created the source? What do you know about the author?
What is the authors point of view?
Where & when was the source produced? How might this affect the meaning of the source?PPrior KnowledgeBeyond information about the author and the context of its creation, what do you know that would help you further understand
the primary
AAudienceFor whom was the source created and how might this affect the reliability of the source?
ReasonWhy was this source created at the time it was produced?TThe Main Idea
What point is the source trying to convey?SSignificanceWhy is this source important?
What inferences can you draw from this document?
Ask yourself, So what?, basically why we should care about the subject being discussed in the primary source?

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