02___Five Slides Overview Five Slides Animal Rights and Animal Welfare

02___Five Slides Overview

 Five Slides Animal Rights and Animal Welfare Download  Five Slides Animal Rights and Animal Welfare

Cows as Mothers


Remember, you have to submit ONE sheet listing your sources. Please submit an MLA Works Cited page.


If you submit the title of the film or article with a URL (link), you will get a zero.


Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article” (or Title of Film

          Italicized), Publisher (or Name of Film Company),

         Date: vol. ___ iss.___, pg___ (if there is a page) (or 

         year film was released). Web. (that is where you 

         found it) Date Accessed: ________________.


Last Name, First Name. “Title of Website Article,” Name

       of the Website. Website. Date the page went up on

       the Website. Web. Date Accessed: _____________.


The MLA says the URL is optional and up to your instructor. Your instructor says kick that puppy to the curb. If you can find it online, so can I.

Do not forget the formula above. Remember: A title and the URL equals ZERO.

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